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About Us

UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT, a firm registered under the Registration Act 1908 and also registered with the Central Excise Department, Government of India are having ample number of its own Exclusive Copyrights of Audio, Video Songs, Instrumental Music, Rhymes, Programs, Films etc. of different languages and also Exclusive Copyrights of Audio, Video Songs, Albums, Programs, Films etc. released and forthcoming acquired from various companies M/s TAU MUSIC, M/s TAU CASSETTES CO., M/s TAU HARYANVI, M/s MOR MUSIC COMPANY, M/s MOR DIGITAL RECORDING, M/s D.K. FILMS & MUSIC CO. [DK MUSIC / D-UNIT], M/s VIR MOVIES, M/s DABANG MUSIC, M/s MOBILE TONE, M/s RAJ CASSETTES COMPANY, M/s UNIQUE MUSIC COMPANY, M/s SHIVANI FILMS, M/s TARUN FILMS INTERNATIONAL, M/s VIDEO INDIA and others.

Hence, we, being the Exclusive Copyright Owner / holder, have been issuing Copyright License (under section 30 of the Copyright Act 1957) including but not limited to the Uploading/ Downloading, Public Performance, Communication to the Public to all Commercial & Non Commercial Establishments including Audio, Video Downloading Shops, Mobile Shops, Cyber Cafes, Photo Studios, D.J. Operators, Event Organizers, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Discotheques, Lounges, Banquet / Marriage Halls, Bus / Taxi / Auto Rickshaw / Tempo Operators, Beauty Parlours, Salon, SPA, Health GYMs, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Showrooms, Departmental Stores, Swimming Pools, Snooker Polls, Public Places, Exhibitions, Factories, Offices and others wherever our audio, video songs, instrumental music, programs, films etc. have been playing/ showing / telecasting/ exhibiting/ uploading/ downloading etc. publicly for the entertainment sake or for non private purposes whether by the way of Music Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Computers, Radio, TV, Cable TV Networks or in any other form / technology. So all the above mentioned Commercial & Non Commercial Establishments must take necessary License / written permission from Unique Entertainment.

It is mandatory under the Copyright Act 1957.